Data intelligence applied to your segment

High computational processing power with artificial intelligence applied to your business. Thus, we translate a complex scenario with a high volume of data into tools with insights that change the way you manage your business.

Benefits of AI Analytics
for your business?

Operational Efficiency

Automation of data processes and business strategy planning. Agility and connectivity.

cost reduction

Creating tools and generating insights that improve management and reduce operational gaps.

Risk Mitigation

Building high-performance automated data systems, ensuring integrity and transparency in the process.

Increased sales and engagement

More assertive forecasting of market needs with gains in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Data driven solutions with machine learning for competitive market advantage.

Personalized consultancy focused on simple, practical and efficient solutions. We map the pains, design the best solutions and implement them with the client, extracting the best insights and applying them on a daily basis.

Our AI Analytics Solutions

Demand Forecast

Use of technologies such as cloud and artificial intelligence for better decision making in sales planning and assertiveness in the supply chain, ensuring assertiveness and avoiding ruptures.
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People Analytics

Artificial intelligence models to help understand customer patterns and offer the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. Hyper-personalization of attendance, generating engagement and loyalty.
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Supply Chain

Construction of sales projection method with AI, study of logistic network and creation of indicators for optimal assortment of products in stores and distribution centers. Process improvement, reduction of stock-outs and overstocking.
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Customer Services

Identification of patterns in databases with high volumes of data to build personas and define more focused and precise action strategies. Help in building marketing campaigns, focus on sales, retention, and many more.
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Business Analytics

Building a data flow pipeline with integrations and parallel processing, data quality, and creating an analytical layer for decision making.

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Understanding business processes and rules to create a fraud monitoring tool based on artificial intelligence. Assertive template customization with messaging and alerts system.
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What can we do
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