What is possible to accomplish with Augmented Reality?

The solutions developed in AR go far beyond social networks or advertising campaigns. Our AR Apps can capture images, recognize objects in natural environments, capture movement, and even estimate light levels.

Augmented Reality Services

Custom AR development

Our team is prepared to create AR applications that allow you to bring 3D images and renderings into the real world, providing an interactive user experience.

AR experience design

We create immersive experiences for your company to deliver your customer’s unique interactions with products and services, spaces, and even devices.


ARKit is Apple’s AR SDK and works with iOS 11. ARKit supports visual-inertial odometry, plane detection, and lighting estimation, and can be used in combination with the Unity and Unreal engines.

Android AR Development

Specifically focused on developing AR applications for Android, they support location-based and marker-based applications through DroidAR.


Health AR applications

We provide augmented reality applications that assist healthcare specialists in performing various types of procedures: from simple injections or blood draws to surgeries. Backed by highly accurate AR data.

AR applications for advertising

AR helps you create marketing strategies that cause an amazing user experience. Overlay live streaming in real-time with your sponsorship assets, install interactive AR screens in high-traffic locations to improve brand awareness, or go beyond and come up with a creative AR advertising idea of your own!

AR training and education applications

Augmented reality training apps guide experts through product assembly, medical procedures, equipment installation, and other procedures by providing quick visual and text tips. These AR applications can support on-the-job education in different areas, including construction, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, etc.

Retail AR applications

From clothing to electronics, furniture to cars, our AR retail applications help your business increase sales, no matter what kind of merchandise you sell. It allows the introduction of virtual tasters and catalogs that allow virtual 3D models of products to be placed in the real world and offers AR-assisted navigation applications for supermarkets.

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