Score Lio

APP score lio A Score Lio é uma plataforma que mede o nível de satisfação (NPS) dos clientes no momento do pagamento. Captando insights valiosos para aumentar a experiência e engajamento de clientes.

Tet Atet

APP tet.atet Um aplicativo inovador que usa a sua localização atual para buscar pessoas com o mesmo interesse que você no ambiente. Se ambos se gostarem, conseguem marcar de se encontrar. Simples, fácil e intuitivo.

Data-Driven Marketing expert presenting data to another collaborator

Data-Driven Marketing: what is it and what is it for?

Leitura: 6 minutos Data-Driven Marketing is nothing more than a data-driven marketing strategy. This concept mainly involves making decisions based on real indicators, using mathematical algorithms and statistics. It is characterized by being different from deliberating based on empirical facts, that is, without scientific or theoretical proof. One of the most important advantages of digital marketing it is…

Portal Cattle JBS

PLATFORM cattle AI We developed a platform with artificial intelligence to obtain accurate data in decision making, focusing on operational efficiency, optimizing time and analyzing a series of data. CHALLENGE JBS FOODS is a global food company, the world’s largest producer and processor of beef. It has production units, sales offices, distribution centers, and transport…

account based marketing

What is Account Based Marketing?

Leitura: 5 minutos Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy that unites the marketing team with the sales team and generates campaigns focused on accounts with ideal customer profiles for sale, working with a focus on higher value accounts with greater chances of conversion. With this integration of the two teams, it is possible to bring exponential results…

How to build an app for IOS

How to build an app for IOS?

Leitura: 3 minutos Surely you already talk about applications. You probably have several of them installed on your smartphone. But do you know how the iOS App creation process works? If not, read on. How to start creating an iOS App? To create anything, planning is necessary. First, it is necessary to develop a project. Put everything on…