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Cloud adoption is essential to modernize your company, working with Big Data and artificial intelligence takes your business to the next level

Big Data and ML Services

Data Lakes

It is critical to keep the unstructured, semi-structured, or even structured data from the Data Lake in a centralized resource. A 360º perspective allows for a unified Analytic view and insight generation.

Machine Learning

With the help of the ML consulting service, your organization can take advantage of the most efficient and cost-effective ML modeling tools on the market, thus enhancing your company’s processes with innovation.

Big Data

Made offers its customers a service that enables them to build, configure, and monitor an environment capable of processing market frameworks such as Hadoop and Apache Spark in partnership with AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Data Science

With ModelOs, you can deploy data science models in any cloud, ensuring that AI results are reliable. In addition, you can use visual modeling tools to speed up turnaround time with prescriptive analytics and control the AI lifecycle.


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