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If you’re reading this, you probably have a brand or a business. But does your company have a Branding? Read on and find out why your business needs a properly structured Branding.

What is Branding?


Branding is a brand management strategy that involves all the actions that make it stronger in the market, so that the public recognizes and desires it for what it offers.

This does not happen quickly, as planning a brand is a difficult and time-consuming task, mainly due to the permanent efforts that need to be made to carry out the Branding.

The Branding concept encompasses a series of actions that need to be planned in advance and executed in order to achieve the desired results by the company in question.

It needs to be seen as a company project, where everyone contributes and gives their vision of how it will be, creating an emotional connection with the mind and heart of the consumer, which justifies its complexity.

What is the importance of Branding?

Think of a brand you like. In addition to the name, we are sure that you have also thought about its colors, concept and main products. This brand probably has a structured Branding, which makes you and other consumers like it.

In short, Branding is the brand’s concept, from its planning to its structure. His work can ensure that your business will grow in an intelligent and lasting way, always focused on what your brand is and how it wants to be perceived.

What strategies are part of Branding?

As we said above, Branding goes far beyond the visual layer. Therefore, it is essential that the Branding strategies are properly worked:

Visual identity

A brand’s visual identity is one of the first things that catches a consumer’s attention. For example, think of Coca-Cola. The red of them and the bold letters of the logo probably came to mind.

In addition, you need to have a well-structured brand manual with everything you should and shouldn’t do, as it is from this document that other people will get to know your brand better .

At this stage, you also need to adapt your logo to different applications, such as the web, smartphone and objects (bottles, for example), etc.

In addition to all that, it is necessary to define the style and color palette of the brand to be followed on social media, taking into account its tone of voice and its concept.

brand strategy

After the visual identity, things need to be defined , such as:

brand personality

What adjectives does your brand have? If she were a person, what would she be like?These questions are important for you to create a mental image of your brand.

Voice tone

Language is one of the most important things about a brand. Relaxed or expert? Formal or informal? Your language should create identification with your audience, making them feel close to your business.


Before promoting the brand, you need to know your audience.

Personas are a strategy that aims to design your customer, taking into account their preferences, communication channels, among others. Brands must have a well-formed persona so that they can get to know their audience in depth.

Communication channels

What channels does your audience use frequently? Where can I find it? It is necessary for your brand to be where your customer is, since the more communication channels the better.

Today, with the rise of technology, a good digital presence is the foundation of everything. Therefore, in addition to having an active voice on social networks, a well-structured website is needed, with a good content marketing strategy and Inbound Marketing.

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In addition to the website, you must be active on Facebook, Instagram, and especially LinkedIn. However, depending on your brand’s objective, some social networks may be more useful than others.


Good content is the foundation to make your brand and your website grow. This strategy covers not only the blog, but all social networks, which is one of the most important points to make the website have a good position in search engines.

With the concepts of visual identity, brand strategy and content properly structured, the next step is to lead your brand to success.


Branding creation process


After Branding comes brand management

After the creation of Branding, it is necessary to manage the brand efficiently so that it always remains on top.

For this task, several communication channels and professionals involved in them are needed, so that the contact with employees and consumers is as close and direct as possible. With Branding, this process is simpler, as you already know your brand and its main values.

Finally, your Branding strategy must ensure that you will be able to promote your brand to ensure more prominence for your company and make it market leader.

To manage, it is necessary to take into account some essential steps, such as:

brand platform

This topic makes you recognize what makes your brand unique and what it promises, what it is based on and how best to convey your image to the world.

A branding platform is a set of unique components of your brand that can help your consumers connect with your brand in the best possible way. Consequently, this helps to show its essence better.

In the brand platform, they must contain its purpose, positioning and attributes.


Why does your brand exist? Why does it need to exist? Which is her purpose ?

With this well defined, your consumer will feel closer to your company. This purpose can come as a phrase that accompanies the logo, and, as a result, ends up becoming a tagline or slogan for the brand.


What does your brand believe? What does she fight for? With social agendas coming into more evidence every day, brand positioning is something highly valued and should be taken very seriously.

To understand your positioning, you need to think about your business objectives and what value your company and product deliver.

Considering all this, a position can be focused on innovation or on some social or environmental struggle, for example.

brand promise

The brand promise is the summarized version of what you want to do in practice so that your purpose and positioning become reality: this is what we see being communicated by companies.

brand attributes

The attributes show the way your brand is going to reach the goal.

Great brands have unique purposes and promises, and what differentiates one from the other is how they get where they want to go. Here the means are as important as the ends.

Attributes are the characteristics that make your brand unique, that is, they are non-negotiable values that dictate everything from the way you communicate to the way your employees work.

Did you understand the importance of Branding?

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