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An extremely efficient way to bring more results to your business is through specific campaigns, therefore, taking advantage of a seasonal time to take actions and boost your company’s sales can be great and work really well.

Do you want to know how important campaigns are for your business? Read on!

What are campaigns?

A campaign is a specific action that aims to generate results in the short, medium or long term. Therefore, they are a great way to measure the efforts made in a company so that the return brings benefits.

There are many different types of campaigns, each with a different objective and audience. The model chosen depends on the company’s intention when developing a campaign.

When you start planning a campaign, it is necessary to think about the target audience, the persona, its main objective and, mainly, its results for your business.

It is also necessary to establish a budget for all the action and the format: will it be in video? Sponsored? A commercial? You need to think about how best to attract new customers and make them delight in your business.

How important are campaigns?

Campaigns can be great ways to expand your audience and let as many people know about your brand as possible.

You can choose to do seasonal campaigns, like Mother’s Day or Halloween, for example.

Many brands that are market leaders today started with specific campaigns and established themselves as industry giants. For example, when you read the phrase “I love it all so much”, which company do you think of? McDonald’s, right?

However, when executed wrongly, the campaign can be a disaster, as for example the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana, which made an action with Chinese women trying to eat pizza with chopsticks, and were accused of racism.

In addition, Burger King also specializes in seasonal campaigns: every year they perform a different action on Halloween. By 2020, everyone who arrived at a restaurant with a broom would get a free Whopper.

Therefore, a well-executed campaign can define the future of your brand.


Campaign types

There are different types of campaigns, each with a different objective. Know some:

commercial campaigns

These types of campaigns have only one objective: to sell. They are based on the idea of convincing people to buy your product and/or service. In general, they present the main advantages of your brand and why it is superior to the competition.

These ads are more appealing, and may contain the company’s price, payment method and contact information, for example.

Promotional campaign

This type of campaign, as the name implies, is based on a promotion. It is similar to the commercial one, and information such as price and purchase methods must be highlighted in the image.

This ad needs to convince the consumer right away. Therefore, one of the most striking features of this type of campaign is the sense of urgency. Phrases like “Buy it now” and “Limited time” are quite common.

Opportunity Campaign

This type of campaign relies on a specific event to advertise and increase brand visibility. For example, in 2019 the meme that took over the internet was the Bettina controversy, which appeared in several videos on Youtube. Many brands, then, took advantage of this and made great advertisements with the subject

In addition to generating intimacy with the public, opportunity campaigns can make your brand even better known, especially in the digital age.

launch campaign

This campaign goes live when your brand launches a service or product or will launch soon. The purpose of this action is to create expectations in the consumer, so phrases such as “Don’t miss it”, “Soon” and “Save the date” are very common.

They can be broadcast on television channels, social networks, Youtube and numerous other platforms. Just know which channel is best for your company.

support campaign

Unlike the launch campaign, this type consists of publicizing the product or service right after it is launched, sustaining the moment and prolonging the novelty. The purpose of this campaign is mainly to keep the public interested.

institutional campaign

This type of campaign consists of promoting the company and/or brand. The objective is to generate recognition and give more visibility to the institution.

Generally, companies try to show the social side of the brand in this action, as well as important things it does to contribute to society.

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