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We developed a solution focused on digital experience, strengthening customer relationships, and facilitating access to information about products and services.


Every hour, 4 children are abused in Brazil, 86% are girls, and 85% of the abuse is done by someone they know. This data is really worrying, and the amount of laws for this issue is inversely proportional, thinking about this, a group of NGOs got together to try to do something. The challenge was how to draw the population’s attention and generate engagement for such a sensitive issue with all the restrictions brought about by the serious health crisis we were experiencing.


The solution was developed in 3 parts. The first was to capture the testimonies of people who had already suffered this type of abuse and were willing to talk about it, which was made possible through a hot site. The second part was to create a video curation mat, and finally, to automatically generate a live Youtube transmission simulating a march.


The solution has enabled the automatic large-scale production of thousands of videos that are edited and synchronously transmitted. It has helped to organize and save time and money spent on manual video production, improving efficiency and providing a better customer experience.

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