doações universal

We have developed a complete platform to transform the faithful’s donation process, digitizing and streamlining every step to improve the digital experience.


The Universal Church is part of the lives of millions of Followers daily, was founded over 40 years ago, is present in over 100 countries around the world, with over 10,000 temples and 14,000 pastors.

With the dissemination of COVID-19 around the world, the closed churches, and the concern to keep up with the projects, the need arose to create a personalized platform to continue receiving contributions from the faithful.


MadeinWeb was once again selected by the Universal Church, due to its confidence in the work already developed, to build a solution focused on donations, called PLATAFORMA DE DOAÇÕES.

The solution was developed with the utmost attention to the user experience, in a transversal way, covering contributions through the application, website, and SMS.

It is possible to participate by helping in social projects for various causes, in addition to donating the tithe to the church.



  • The platform is currently accessed by more than 1 million users, covering Latin America and Europe.
  • The platform transformed the donation process of the faithful, digitizing and facilitating a procedure that was only carried out in person.
  • The platform made it possible for the church to maintain all its social projects.