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Friboi buyer

We developed a solution focused on digital experience, strengthening customer relationships, and facilitating access to information about products and services.


Friboi’s buyer has a strategic role within the company. He is responsible for ensuring the correct supply of cattle to meet the slaughter capacity of its 35 plants strategically distributed throughout Brazil. The selection criteria are volume, quality, and price. This requires him to be in constant contact with the cattle ranchers that are approved by Friboi, spending much of his time away from the offices, making communication and access to information difficult.


We have developed a mobile application that enables the buyer to follow up on his relationship routines outside the office, registering his relationship activities with the cattle ranchers and purchase orders.


The Friboi buyer App increases flexibility and agility in the inclusion of purchase orders, improves communication between the parties involved, digitalizes the process, and saves time. With this application, you can access information in a timely manner to improve control over your activities.

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