We developed a solution focused on the digital experience, strengthening the relationship with customers and facilitating access to information about products and services.


ITURAN, a global leader in the automotive tracking sector, with highly technological DNA, is present in several countries around the world, such as Israel, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, in addition to having partners and customers spread over more than 30 countries.

Currently, Ituran has more than 2 million customers worldwide. ITURAN’s portfolio of services, and products seek to reach all market audiences, with security, personalized service, and efficiency.

Taking these principles into account, Ituran noted that its technological processes had to evolve with some urgency, especially in the areas of vehicle monitoring and bureaucratic processes, in order to generate the best experience for each customer.



MadeinWeb, with the trust received by ITURAN and aware of the impact on the entire automotive segment, built a solution focused on generating the best experience for users, the ITURAN APP. This modern application brings everything customers need in the palm of their hand.

The solution is very simple to use and allows you to access your location in real-time via GPRS, request a duplicate of your registration, access your subscriber card, update your profile, talk via chat and even consult the benefits club.

The tool quickly and easily groups the different ITURAN communication channels, even allowing direct interaction with the SAC to resolve any doubts.

This direct and personalized contact with customers was at the heart of the solution’s development. All to strengthen the relationship with customers and facilitate access to information about products, services, and other features offered.



  • We’ve raised the rating from 1.5 stars to 4.2 rating stars in app stores.
  • The ITURAN APP covers around 100 thousand active users on iOS and Android platforms.
  • The solution resulted in a closer and more assertive relationship with customers and partners.