pecuarista friboi

We have developed a complete platform, simplifying the commercial relationship with producers from purchase to animal processing.


FRIBOI, the market leader in Brazil and present in over 150 countries, revolutionized the animal protein segment by “decommoditizing” beef. The company has 36 production units, with the objective of producing a series of complete products for the sector.

The high quality standard of its products earned its recognition by the Nielsen consultancy as “The best-selling beef in Brazil”.

To continue as a leader and conquer even more market, bringing transparency to all those involved in the production chain, FRIBOI decided to transform the experience of ranchers with complete monitoring. From the purchase process to the processing of the animals, through the future solution called APP PECUARISTA.


MadeinWeb, aware of the future impact on the entire production chain, developed a solution focused on connectivity and digital experience to bring suppliers together.

The system aims to simplify the connection between suppliers and Friboi, in addition to allowing all producers to have access to the company with the same quality and speed.

Until then, all cattle acquisition was carried out through two types of business: “spot” counter and “Boi a Termo” contracts. Farmers now have a third option, a digital counter, in addition to the possibility of accessing purchase and negotiation histories.

The development of this application was centered on users who are increasingly demanding and require experiences that really motivate them to use the solution. That’s why we create end-to-end experiences, delivering strategy, design, and technology to achieve our goals.



  • The online platform simplified the commercial relationship with producers, from the purchase to the processing of the animal, from the sale to the slaughter.
  • The solution brought security, democratization of access for ranchers of different sizes and gave even more transparency to the entire process, with information in real-time