We developed a platform that revolutionized the land transport of live cattle, transparently connecting everyone involved in the process


With a presence in the market since 2003, JBS Transportadora, a reference in cattle transport, saw the need to innovate the land transport of live cattle, bringing a service never seen before, called UBOI, to facilitate the daily process, demonstrating maximum transparency, safety, quality, respect for those involved and animal welfare.


MadeinWeb, responsible for the project, aligned each step of the process flowchart with JBS Transportadora, with the objective of developing an intuitive solution that would benefit and increase safety in the contracting of transport for animals.

For this purpose, UBOI was developed to offer ranchers throughout Brazil greater ease in transporting live animals between different locations.This transport is carried out in accordance with animal welfare premises in specific vehicles and by trained teams.

The platform allows ranchers to contract services, schedule and plan in advance shipments, consult transport histories, assess service quality, and monitor all stages of loading, transporting, and unloading animals.



  • The solution transparently connected the entire process that involves cattle raisers, transporters, and refrigerators. All this allowed transporting more than 400 thousand oxen with all the safety and concern.
  • UBOI revolutionized the live cattle land transport market, being recognized as the first cattle application to facilitate and simplify the entire cattle transport process, developing the sector in general and helping to expand production capacity.
  • The platform provided safety and well-being to all transported animals.