cattle AI

We developed a platform with artificial intelligence to obtain accurate data in decision making, focusing on operational efficiency, optimizing time and analyzing a series of data.


JBS FOODS is a global food company, the world’s largest producer and processor of beef. It has production units, sales offices, distribution centers, and transport centers in various locations around the world.

The company, in its journey of digital transformation, sought to understand the profile of cattle producers and buyers, in order to generate recommendations that would bring greater efficiency.

The organization needed a solution that would demonstrate the entire beef production, from start to finish, in an agile and effective way.


MadeinWeb, aware of the importance of internal processes throughout the JBS FOODS production chain, developed a solution focused on the digital experience of users, integrating Artificial Intelligence.

The highly intelligent solution linked to all the data and variables involved in the beef purchasing process, performs buyer performance analysis, allowing you to measure these KPIs to assist in decision making and achieve better future performance.

The platform was built with a strong focus on the customer experience, bringing together a series of dashboards to make the information easier to read. The data generation produces reports where variables such as cost, capacity or quality of the animal are broken down, among other factors.



  • Users using the platform make decisions with greater precision, achieving greater operational efficiency and optimizing time.
  • Growth of ROI (return on investment), since decision-making is more accurate and cost has been reduced.