sales ai

We developed a platform with artificial intelligence to obtain detailed data, focusing on operational efficiency, saving efforts, and crossing multiple data.


JBS FOODS is a global food company, the world’s largest producer and processor of beef. It has production units, sales offices, distribution centers and transport centers in various locations around the world.

In view of the high demand for products and the need to control sales/stock and still maintain quality in the 15 countries in which it operates, the multinational was looking for solutions to ensure that its more than 230 thousand employees could work with greater assertiveness.


MadeinWeb, selected by JBS FOODS, was responsible for developing a complete system integrated with artificial intelligence, called Portal de Sales, in order to optimize various processes in the sales area.

The solution comprises the analysis of data on key customers, sales history, volume, and margin, segmenting customers and comparing them to generate relevant information for decision-making.

Another very important front of this application is the sales optimization simulation tool, in which it is possible to predict the results after combining a series of factors and variables, all for better efficiency, impacting sales, profit and price adjustments.



  • The Sales Portal brought greater operational efficiency, saving a considerable amount of effort and time, in addition to generating a complete digital experience for users.
  • The solution allowed to analyze of large volumes of data that would not be possible to be consulted manually.