We have developed a complete platform for operations in the television area, focused on building efficient media maps, optimizing and monitoring results in real-time.


TV TEM, one of the largest affiliates of REDE GLOBO in Brazil, located in the interior of São Paulo, distributes numerous broadcasts to more than 300 cities, covering around 50% of the territory of São Paulo and almost 9 million viewers.

As part of a major effort to facilitate and manage internal processes, since most of them were manual, TV TEM was looking for a digital transformation process.

This evolution would contribute to the issuer aligning itself with market practices, implementing advanced functionalities for the business area, and facilitating the secure transaction of documents.


MadeinWeb, merging technology and humanization, built a solution that it dubbed TEMADS, bringing the necessary immediacy to today’s demanding advertising market.

The platform is integrated with IBOPE (Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics), processing audience data with artificial intelligence to efficiently make media maps available to advertisers, maximizing results, in addition to monitoring TV TEM’s sales funnel in real-time.

Other solutions were also developed with the purpose of generating unique experiences, including a video portal, CRM integrated with the invoicing system for after-sales and active interaction with customers.



  • TEMADS became the operations center of TV TEM’s business area, with the company’s professionals using the solution on a daily basis, in addition to the external access of clients and advertising agencies.
  • The system has already been featured at Globo, widely known in the various branches.