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Universal Unimembros

We developed a solution focused on digital experience, strengthening customer relationships, and facilitating access to information about products and services.


Present in 135 countries, The Universal Church has 12.3 thousand temples on five continents, adding up to 10 million believers worldwide. With that volume, it is a big challenge to maintain effective management of the attendance and recency of your loyalists. In light of this, the IURD sought Made to provide a digital solution that could help address this problem in an agile and effective way.


Unmembers is a new mass management application that allows you to track believers according to the last time they were in church. With this information, it is possible to organize better the work of rescuing souls and fulfilling missions. In addition to this main function, the app also has several dashboards that can give insights into its members.


By being able to foresee the departure of a baptized member, the church began to take measures in advance, reducing the number of believers who leave the work. Within only a few months of launch, the church had more than 260,000 registrations among members, attendants, and supporters, managed by the platform

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