20% of employees today leave the company within the first 45 days, and that 60% of new employees take 6 to 9 months to integrate and start generating value. So this problem generates a high cost for the company, and a lot of time in training and searching for qualified and committed professionals.


To solve this issue was to develop a platform for employees to achieve high performance, through smart and structured practices. Using artificial intelligence for data analysis, the VDX People platform contributes to increase the chances of hiring the ideal employees for your type of business, increasing the team’s productivity.


Employees engage 33% more in their activities; Employees who have an effective Onboarding trajectory increase their performance by 38%; 89% of the employees are more integrated with the company culture; 113% increase in the perception of HR performance; The company that has an effective Onboarding has employees 18x more committed than those who have not undergone the Onboarding process; Employees 30x more satisfied with their work;

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