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We developed a solution focused on digital experience, strengthening customer relationships, and facilitating access to information about products and services.


Vidalink, 22 years in the market with major clients such as Apple, IBM, Ifood, Pepsi, Vivo, and Warner Bros in its portfolio, Vidalink consolidated itself as a “Convênio pharmacy”, but during the pandemic, started to position itself as purpose-driven, focusing on bringing health and well-being to its thousands of users.


For this it has chosen Made as a technology partner to help reposition its brand through its application. Together we developed a new journey with improvements that made the application more user friendly, secure, and adherent to new technologies.


With the joint efforts, in the last 12 months Vidalink had a 50% growth of active users and the brand started to present itself as a wellness plan and no longer just as a pharmacy agreement.

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