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We developed an integrated solution with AI, IOT and RPA that revolutionized the hospitality market. Focused on the digital experience, we bring practicality and effectiveness throughout the process.


Hotel check-in can be bureaucratic, during this process there are many lines, and the waiting time is not at all pleasant for the guest experience. Besides, the concern with Covid-19, valuing health and social distancing, counting on a solution after a long trip, getting only the room key in seconds, without going through the reception to rest can make the whole experience easier isn’t it?


MadeinWeb has developed a customized solution integrating IoT, AI, and RPA bringing a unique experience to each guest, called Youcheck-in.

This solution is a self-service check-in desk developed to make the hotel guest’s life easier. It stands out for its use of artificial intelligence, used for facial scanning that helps the guest’s registration and the validation of documents such as ID card or passport, selecting the best room in 45 seconds, without having to go to the front desk.



  • It revolutionized the hotel market, present in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, and Rio Grande do Sul.
  • The solution reduced check-in queues by 90% and 70% of the guests stated that the experience exceeded their expectations.
  • It has decreased the staffing volume of the hotel, where you will not need to add extra receptionists on check-in or check-out days.
  • It has generated ease of check-in and check-out, which has no long and bureaucratic forms.

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