What we do in Cloud Consulting

MadeinWeb offers a cloud architecture and infrastructure that is optimized for your business and migrates/modernizes your applications after the installation of a new structure.

Impacts and benefits


Get a secure infrastructure to ensure that your operation and services are not affected by external and internal threats.


With Cloud consulting, your company will always ensure that all resources and infrastructure are prepared for any project.

Controlled environment

We help your company define the ideal environment, be it private, public, or hybrid. This ensures easy integrations with partners.

Decision Making

Optimized business models to ensure, performance, insights, and intelligent decision-making to maximize ROI.


Backup and disaster recovery

It is imperative to develop a business continuity plan that includes cloud backup and recovery for your critical IT systems.


Stop wasting time on manual processes, improve IT performance by connecting applications and data, and adjust network performance by fixing what gets in the way.


Become an agile and competitive player in the market by leveraging your core applications and cloud-native development.

Elastic Architecture

We provide elastic architectures to ensure the security and availability of your data in the cloud. With an architectural design, you can create a totally flexible environment.

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