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Have you ever heard of a term called “Customer Experience”? Well then, this term is very important for the full functioning of your company.

There are many ways to improve your company’s Customer Experience. 3 of them are:

  1. Pay attention to the interaction.
  2. Offer unique innovations in the market.
  3. Be quick with responses.

Customer Experience: what is this area about?

In the course of this text, you will understand a little more about these actions and the importance they have for the company.

The Customer Experience area of a brand is the sector that deals with customer satisfaction and the perception they have regarding this strategy.

With the power in their hands, customers can interact with companies through social networks, in addition to being able to view the competition with just two clicks.

So, to win the preference of consumers, it is important that your company invests in Customer Experience.



The importance of Customer Experience is fully linked to customer satisfaction

What is the importance of developing the Customer Experience?

Developing strategies to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty is essential for the smooth running of your company. With this, the Customer Experience is a conduct that will take the consumer to the center of the strategy developed by the company, causing him to have positive experiences and leave with a good impression of what he has experienced.

Now that you have an idea of what the term Customer Experience means and its importance, it’s time to observe it in your company, check if it is being put into practice and if it can be improved.

So, observe the tips below!



Customer Experience strategies are consumer-oriented, covering their entire journey


3 Customer Experience Strategies

This set of actions called Customer Experience is composed of 3 main strategies, which are:

  1. The customer journey.
  2. The consumer life cycle.
  3. The contact points.

Learn more about each of these points and their details below.

  • The customer journey

The entire Customer Experience is geared towards the customer journey. Therefore, this is one of the essential points and also the first step of this mechanism.

This journey begins the moment your target audience and your business persona discover that they have a need, a “pain” that they need to meet. For this, they go through stages of searching for solutions to this demand, finally arriving at the purchase decision.

Customer Experience covers the entire journey, because it provides a closer service to the leads, directed to each part of the sales funnel .

Customer loyalty

In addition to internships, it is very important to build customer loyalty in after-sales actions. At this point, the marketing and sales areas work to provide the best possible experience for the consumer, providing responsive content and an appropriate approach at the right time.

The goal is, above all, to keep the lead interested in the company’s solutions to make them a buyer in the future and a promoter of your brand.

  • The consumer life cycle

It is part of the consumer lifecycle goals to analyze and work with customers in an individualized and personalized way.

This happens through the study of the steps that involve the customer-company relationship, such as segmentation, acquisition, retention, profitability and recovery.

From the moment the customer is detected as a potential buyer until the moment he completes the purchase or gives up on it, we can follow his attitudes, tastes, desires and needs.

With this, the company perceives the details of this relationship, devising individualized strategies for each client, with a more assertive and direct interaction.

  • the points of contact

Customer Experience also encompasses analyzing the right touchpoints for your company’s personas.

The touch points are the resources through which the company will contact its customers and, consequently, produce better results for the entire procedure that involves the Customer Experience.

What are the main points of contact?

The main points of contact for a Customer Experience strategy are:

  1. emails.
  2. Apps (which can be android or IOS apps ).
  3. Social networks.
  4. blog.
  5. Site.
  6. Physical stores.
  7. chats.
  8. promotions.

An analysis needs to be carried out to verify which of these means are most effective for customers in relation to their daily lives and preferences. In this way, you can connect more with them, as well as engage them.



Customer Experience serves to increase customer satisfaction, especially with regard to the company

What is Customer Experience for?

The consumer experience has one main objective: to find the best ways to increase their well-being in relation to the company. To measure whether the strategy involving CX is the most appropriate, it is always necessary to include some satisfaction surveys along the processes listed above.



The Customer Experience brings numerous advantages to the company, such as the formation of more loyal customers

3 benefits of Customer Experience for your company

In addition to many others, Customer Experience offers 3 main advantages for your company. Are they:

  1. Building a more loyal audience.
  2. Cost reduction in the company.
  3. Increased competitive advantage.

Next, we will explain about each of these advantages and how they positively affect your institution.

  • Building a more loyal audience

When we take care of the consumer’s life cycle and deliver everything he needs when he needs it most, we see the client increasingly demonstrating security and comfort with the company, which leads to loyalty.

  • cost reduction

When we apply the Customer Experience, the company tends to reformulate its system and thus better select its actions.

This directs your investments to a more assertive path, also increasing sales volume.

  • Increased competitive advantage

When they are concerned with customer anticipation, both in their personal preferences and in their needs, companies come out ahead in their market position.



A Customer Experience company follows several steps, such as understanding customers and listening to them

What is a Customer Experience Company?

To apply Customer Experience within your corporation, you need to follow a few steps. Are they:

  1. Create a culture in the company.
  2. Understand consumers.
  3. Create an emotional connection with them.
  4. listen to them.
  5. Learn more about Overdelivering and apply it.
  6. Analyze the entire procedure.
  7. Evaluate your results.

Let’s understand a little more about these steps.

  • Create a company culture

When you are dealing with internal teams, which relate to each other, it is essential to develop a culture in the company. This can be done through the establishment of codes of conduct, for example.

  • understand consumers

When we treat the customer with seriousness, responsibility and commitment to the agreed proposals, even if they are not legal agreements, we also establish a company focused on Customer Experience.

A practical example of this is: if the customer opts out of receiving emails with promotions on their products, the best thing to do is always respect their choice.

  • Create an emotional connection with customers

Today, companies and people are creating ever closer relationships.

Therefore, your company’s values and principles must always be aligned with those of the target audience, so that their ideas connect.

Therefore, it is very important to position your brand and its values through Customer Experience.

  • listen to consumers

To know the opinions of your company’s customers, it is necessary to create surveys that involve the elaboration of a persona to customer success strategies.

With this in mind, it is possible to develop a series of actions, which can be:

  1. Individual interviews.
  2. Focus group establishments.
  3. Obtaining online surveys.

With all these features and the improvements we will describe below, if they have already been implemented, customers will be more satisfied with the company.

  • Learn more about Overdelivering and apply it

Overdelivering is, in short, a method in which more is always delivered than the customer expects to receive. This goes to show how unique and important he is.

When you think about closing a deal, the least you expect is a quality product, meeting deadlines and a support service ready to help, for example.

In addition, other measures can be added to these items listed above, such as the delivery of the product before the estimated time and, when possible, a gift that can be placed next to the product, among others.

  • Analyze the entire process

Change for the better is always welcome, even in small details. With that in mind, always try to change small logistical and structural patterns in your business.

If you are working on an app design, for example, try to facilitate the usability of your App. This will make all the difference!

  • Evaluate your results

In order to know if your Customer Experience strategy is really working, it is necessary to constantly analyze it, in view of some previously outlined objectives.

When these goals are quantified through metrics, for example, everything becomes more tangible. And in the digital world we live in, this is essential. Therefore, invest in metrics analysis in your company.



There are numerous strategies to improve your company’s Customer Experience

3 steps to improve CX in your company

1. Pay attention to the interaction

Value every interaction you have with the company’s customers. Regardless of the medium in which it is carried out, it is important that you, as a company, understand and give full attention to what the customer has to say.

This is important and, for the customer, extremely necessary, after all, he will feel valued and heard, which is something very important .

2. Be unique

Sincerity is the soul of any business. With that, do a little reflection and see what you can offer customers that is your trademark, that no one else offers.

Customers like novelties and, since only your company presents a product or service, which suits the clientele’s taste, you will have positive points to continue investing in something that is not found anywhere else and thus, also obtain new customers.

3. Be quick with the answers

With the advancement of technology, communication between customers and the company is being more direct and, in addition, companies are proving the increasing demand of consumers.

And with that, in a communication made by the consumer through e-mail, where he reports a question, need or problem, an automatic response sent by the company can cause great frustration in the customer.

The idea is to create mechanisms that will improve service, making it faster and more effective. In addition, some tools help the customer to find the answer they need, such as the FAQ with its frequently asked questions and answers, video tutorials and even forums on social networks.

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