When outsourcing is not an option for security services.

MadeinWeb supports you with specialized consulting to ensure that your company is protected internally and externally. We perform a complete analysis and support your professionals throughout the process.

Impacts and benefits

cost reduction

By hiring a team of cyber security experts your company automatically has the best tools and processes at its disposal.

Understand the risks

With our complete analysis, it is much easier for your company to quantify and understand the risks, thus enabling you to detect, identify, and respond with precision.

Security for the staff

Protect your business data with security for the entire team. By implementing our security policies, analysis, and control, all departments have a clear vision of the way forward.


We bring AI solutions to your enterprise to identify and respond to threats quickly and confidently. AI makes powerful insights available in real time to assist you in making decisions.


Strategic Vision

Using our experience and insights, we offer the right tools to transform your business and create a significant impact faster.

In-depth knowledge

Get results from proven solutions and methods tailored to your industry, and benefit from know-how that has been evolving for +20 years.

Accelerating Results

We are changing the way companies think about security. We can help you transform your technology and operations.

Breaking barriers

The power of innovation is at the core of everything we do. We invest in radically new ways of thinking to produce results and break down barriers around the world.

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