What is data analytics?

Data Analysis or Data Analytics is the process of exploring, transforming, and analyzing information to identify patterns and trends that enables your company to gain insights that support decision making.

Impacts and benefits

Faster and more confident decisions

As the volume of data increases, it is almost impossible to process business data quickly and accurately, to identify trends, patterns, and hidden business drivers. Modern scheduling analysis solutions can help customers increase throughput by 80 %.

Intelligent Investments

Combine data from all sources to put insights into action faster, and automate your planning and analysis processes to save time and labor. When companies use this solution they achieve cost reductions.

One Step Ahead

Always be one step ahead of your competitors, predictive analytics allows you to forecast and optimize results, and test scenarios to see the potential impact of your decisions before implementing your plan.

Efficient planning

With Data Analytics, companies can move from a reactive mode to a business model supported by intelligent planning. This allows everyone involved to work focused on the goal and be aware of their steps.


Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive analysis answers the question "what happened?" example: What was the level of absenteeism in the last month?

Diagnostic Analysis

With diagnostic analysis, we are able to answer the question "why did this happen?" For example: Why did last month's absenteeism show these numbers?

Predictive Analysis

Here we are able to answer the question "what will happen?" Example: Based on the figures presented, I can predict that I will have these absenteeism figures for the next X months.

Prescriptive Analysis

Prescriptive analysis, on the other hand, answers the question "what should I do?" Example: Based on the numbers presented, what are the actions that should be taken to improve the index?

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