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Surely you already talk about applications. You probably have several of them installed on your smartphone. But do you know how the iOS App creation process works? If not, read on.

How to start creating an iOS App?

To create anything, planning is necessary. First, it is necessary to develop a project.

Put everything on paper: what is the purpose of the application? Who are the main competitors? A successful application needs a well-structured project that offers the best possible user experience.

How to build an app for IOS

With all of this done, you now need to study the market and its main competitors. Analyze the competitive potential of your App and other solutions in the same niche. See all the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and channel this into developing the best solution for your application.

Now you need to know who your app is for. Have a well-defined target audience, understand what their pain is and how your App will help them. Do field research and see the online behavior of these personas on social networks for more details and better definitions.

Set the platform

Now, it’s time to define your App’s platform. In the case of this article, it will be iOS. It is necessary to create a native application with the programming language that best suits the chosen operating system.

If you want to go further, your App may also be available for smart TVs and smart watches. This is a great way to make your app accessible to all possible devices and make it more universal. This is an excellent point for the App Store, as they tend to give more highlights to Apps that work on more than one platform.

Know all expenses

Developing an application is an investment. In addition to being an app for iOS, you need to be willing to use your own app, and that comes at a cost. You need to have a defined budget to begin the process of creating Apps, as it involves hiring professionals who are specialists and trained in the subject.

In addition, it has an annual cost to maintain the application published on the App Store, which is approximately $ 99.

Your App needs monetization to support itself. It is not enough to just develop and publish it, it is necessary that it generates revenue for you to guarantee a positive ROI. You need to define how it will be monetized: subscription, advertisement, paid download, freemium … There are several possibilities, you just need to choose the one that best suits your proposal.

Make an App wireframe

How to build an app for IOS

Ideas developed, it’s time to start getting your hands dirty. Your application needs a wireframe with all its functionality and how it will work. In this step, it must contain the path that the user will take, such as the registration and login screen, home screen, where the buttons will direct the user, among others.

Choose the type of development

Now, it is necessary to invest in native development. This means that your App will be developed exclusively for iOS, and will run well on all iPhones, since the programming language is predetermined by Apple itself.

Visual identity and Design

It is also necessary to apply the visual layer of the App, after all, it is the first thing that everyone will see as soon as they download it. The design needs to be modern and take into account the good practices of UX, to bring a great experience to its user, making sure that he does not uninstall the App on the same day.

How to build an app for IOS

In addition, the App’s storytelling needs to talk to its visual layer, as it is a set. Think of the end user and be faithful to the color palette defined in the planning stage.

Test it

Before publishing the App with the final version to the public, it is necessary to carry out several tests to correct possible bugs and ensure that the best possible App will be delivered to its consumers.

See if the planned flow is working correctly and try to release the beta for real users to give their feedback and analyze it as consumers and not technicians.

After the tests are done and if everything is right, just publish it on the App Store

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