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Having a website today is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Producing articles, content about your services/solutions and putting SEO techniques into practice are beneficial actions both for your business and for those who are consuming.

A good page can generate loyalty and show a little more about your company to those who don’t know you yet. However, for this to happen it is necessary that your website is optimized and appears to people when they are searching on Google.

Your company works with the sale of industrial machinery, for example, and the person types industrial ice machine into Google, if you have used SEO strategies your content may appear at the top of searches and probably be the first click option for the searcher .

Otherwise, your content may not even make it to the first page and it will hardly be seen by anyone, after all, how many times have you searched for a product or service and gone beyond the first page? That’s why having an optimized website is essential.

To achieve optimization, the most recommended path that generates the best results is the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, which are strategies to place your page at the top of the searches.



SEO — acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which in Portuguese means Optimization for Search Engines.

How to optimize a website with SEO techniques?

use the keywords

The first SEO technique to optimize your website is precisely the use of keywords. You know when you do a Google search and put a string of words to find a product, service or information? For example, type steam trap to find some products that are of interest to you.

Well, these typed words are known as keywords and are essential for your website to perform better. That’s because, you need to add them within your text so that Google sees that what people are looking for is in your content.

So, analyze which keywords are most searched according to your niche, see which ones you can use that will be well seen by the platform, in addition, add keywords in your photos and even in your subtitles or titles. contents.

The more keywords that are really relative, the better Google will rate your site and prioritize it at the top of searches.


Adding keywords to photos, subheads and titles of your content are fundamental SEO strategies.

Use titles, subtitles and tags

The headline is the gateway for the reader to be interested in your content, and one of the main SEO strategies and not only him but Google as well. A good title means attracting interest and making your link more accessed, and it’s always a good way to add your keywords and bring even more relevance.

In addition to it, subtitles and tags are also important, in an article, the basic structure is based on h1, h2, h3, that is, several subtitles that open new topics to discuss the subject.

Description tags, on the other hand, work to describe your topic when the user is doing a Google search, that is, they are the information that appears as a mini-summary of everything he is looking for.

If a person is looking for a rustic wooden table , the tags will serve as a short description, such as table measurements, price, quality and so on. SEO makes Google recognize that your content is complete.


Through SEO techniques it is possible to optimize the site, promoting your company’s products, services and solutions through content.

Links, SEO and other media

Finally, it is important to use linking during a text, that is, to add a link that redirects to another page within the same site. This is important because it generates even more hits on older content and strengthens your keywords.

It is also important to use some other media within your text, we have already commented on images with keywords, but also using videos, infographics and gifs, for example, can represent a more complete content.

Optimizing your website is not a simple task but it can be something extremely beneficial for your company. Using SEO techniques, especially abusing keywords can be the way out for those who want to always have their content stamped at the top of the first page.

Content produced by the Industrial Solutions team.


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