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The Successful Partnership between Grendene, AWS, and MadeinWeb

Grendene, known for its innovative footwear brands, is revolutionizing its sales processes through a strategic collaboration with AWS and a significant contribution from MadeinWeb. This joint effort aims to develop a generative artificial intelligence (AI)–based virtual assistant for the Melissa Club’s sales team, elevating the sales experience to a new level.

The project, a fusion of the skills and knowledge of Grendene, AWS, and MadeinWeb, seeks to bring the efficiency of e-commerce to physical stores. Using the AI Charla, developed by MadeinWeb, the virtual assistant promises to offer personalized product recommendations, enriching the customer experience in stores.

Leonardo Waissmann, commercial head of MadeinWeb, highlights the importance of the AI feeding phase, which should last between four and five weeks. The process includes data management and the creation of a persona for the Melissa Club that reflects the brand’s characteristics. The AI Charla, operating on the AWS cloud, uses advanced technologies such as Amazon S3, Amazon SageMaker, and Amazon EC2, demonstrating MadeinWeb’s technical and innovative capability.

The solution developed not only facilitates the work of the Melissa clubs’ employees but also marks a turning point for Grendene. The partnership with AWS and MadeinWeb is at the forefront of the company’s innovation, bringing the digital experience to physical environments and establishing a new standard in the footwear retail industry.

This initiative is a brilliant example of how technology, when integrated with strategic vision and effective partnerships, can transform retail, offering unprecedented experiences and added value for both customers and the company.

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