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Nowadays, we use IOS or Android Apps for everything. Whether it’s connecting with family and friends, getting somewhere, taking photos and videos, shopping and even remembering to drink water. So, to do any of these tasks, there are several Apps for Apple devices on the market available to suit the user’s needs.

Apps bring more comfort and proximity to users, as they allow them to enjoy the company’s services directly from their mobile devices. And if they’re looking for that facility, it’s only fair that your brand makes it accessible. So, keep reading and learn more about the creation and benefits of IOS Apps.

Why invest in IOS Apps for your company?

According to the 30th Annual Survey on Administration and Use of Information Technology in Companies, carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo (FGV-SP), in 2019 there were around 230 million active cell phones in Brazil.

Another study showed that Brazilians spend, on average, about three hours a day using Smartphone Apps. Data also showed that the citizen of Brazil keeps around 70 to 80 apps downloaded, with an average use of 30 of them. Information is from the Pew Research Center .

How do companies deal with Apps?

Companies are increasingly using the social network as a means of more interaction with their customers, thus strengthening ties and reducing the distance between them.

And really, social media is an easy, accessible, and highly publicized resource.

But when we look at this data about Apps, we see that it’s another essential channel to get closer to customers. Packed with functions ranging from increasing sales to getting user data through an app, the company ultimately builds loyal customers.

How can they take advantage of the increased usage of Apps?

With the rise of smartphones and the use of Apps, the time is now. However, an important point that we have to mention is that there are two operating systems: iOS and Android. And, of course, your brand needs to be on both.

iOS is Apple Inc.’s mobile operating system, so we’re talking about iPhone Apps. According to what Apple itself released in 2019, there are 900 million smartphones of the brand working around the world, from iPhones XR, XS, XS Max to the oldest preserved and functional models that users have been able to maintain.

With so many active users, it’s time to start planning your App. Once you start the search, you will find two options: iOS Apps and Mobile App. Is there any difference? Which one is best for your line of business? We’ll tell you!

What is the difference between iOS Apps and mobile Apps?

iphone apps

Apps IOS mobiles (mobile App) works through a software installed on the smartphone that runs without pauses in the operating system, developed only for portable devices, that is, for the iPhone.

The IOS web App goes beyond the smartphone. This way, the user can also download it on Macbook, Apple TV, among other products offered and developed by Apple Inc.

Benefits of investing in iOS Apps

Want to know if investing in iPhone Apps is worth it? Then check out our list of advantages!

Greater Visibility

Currently, there are more than 230 million active cell phones in Brazil, even though the country has 208 million inhabitants. This fact alone is important for you to start paying more attention in the area of App development.

Smartphones make life easier for users, as it is possible to do almost anything through the devices, such as accessing streaming services, following someone’s path in real time, counting how many steps you have taken per day, among other functions.

Creating an App for your company opens up another possibility of interacting with your target audience in a direct and objective way.

Customer loyalty

As service quality improves and interaction channels with the company become simpler, the chances of gaining customer trust and thus increasing sales grow.

Application development can make your customer even more satisfied by the ease of communicating and using products and services. That’s why Apps have become more and more valued by companies.

With a well-designed App, a quality interface and a simple and efficient interaction channel, your company can create a stronger bond with the public.

However, it is essential that your focus is not just on new customers. Valuing the current ones is also a way for the IOS Apps and the company to grow more and more.

An App can also be used internally, making communication and interaction between your employees easier. It’s a way to keep them engaged and satisfied with your company.

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Increased sales

Apps have become yet another method to increase sales. They are a great way to boost business and keep your customers informed about promotions, news and even make purchases in the App.

Another positive point of corporate IOS Apps is that, through them, you can do massive actions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Content is shared with users at the same time, which creates the chance to gain a solid base of customers and personas for your business.

Brand Strengthening

For the evolution of your App to really strengthen your brand, it needs to present a pleasant interface, be easy to understand, with all menus and icons being easily accessible.

In summary, the best iOS Apps are designed to make the user feel at ease when using them. With an App made effectively, your company can become synonymous with quality and efficiency in the field.

Where to start developing iOS Apps?

person developing the UX Design of an application

UX Design is responsible for understanding, designing and testing the idea of what a future application will be.

To start developing an IOS App, you can follow these 4 steps. Follow:

Define what is really needed

The first thing to think about is the purpose of your iOS App. Remember: it will exist to make people’s lives easier. With well-defined goals, it is possible to maintain good progress towards thes next steps.

It is important that IOS Apps never stop evolving. Listening to your customer is essential to get feedback and convert it into improvements and news.

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Invest in good design

The appearance of your App will tell you a lot about it. It is necessary to pay attention to the visual, as it brings together aspects such as: visual identity, information architecture, navigation patterns, screen transitions and other elements that make the user experience much better.

Invest in a modern, simple and bold look, betting on trends, flat design, balanced typography, responsive animations, professional photos, among others.

Mobile Marketing

Like every product and service on the market, thinking about marketing is very important, so don’t forget to plan your project’s promotion.

With good planning and Digital Marketing actions for apps , you can reach more and more people to download and use your App.

Responding to comments, both positive and negative, is also essential for new users to stay engaged with your brand.

Also encourage user evaluation and reach more people! After all, before downloading any App, many people saw the opinion of those who have already used it and what is the average grade that that App has.

Worry about the metrics!

To follow the evolution of your product, it is necessary to check the most varied dimensions using the monitoring tools.

First, you need to understand how your user uses the App and then set up an activation and conversion funnel, with tools like Google Analytics.

Then you have to know how to optimize and assign your marketing actions with tools. Finally, your IOS App may still have performance errors, which could jeopardize its position in the App Store ranking.

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