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Most companies have already started the Metaverse race, but this new world is very different from the journey that many businesses are making.


When many still talk about digital transformation, we were presented with a new reality during the pandemic. Yes, COVID was the perfect lever to accelerate the arrival of the metaverse in several years.

What we’re going to explore in this article is not how amazing the metaverse is, whether it’s here to stay or if it’s going to fail. The aim of this text is to address risks and actions that companies need to take to provide an incredible and, above all, secure experience to their customers/users.


Are you Ready?

In the world of technology, there is little talk of migration to the digital environment. Although numerous companies have not yet completed the process of digital transformation, the conversation is already a step (giant) ahead.

We can highlight companies like Heineken, which recently launched Silver beer first in the Metaverse and only then in the physical world, where we can feel the real taste of the drink. Gucci has created in Metaverse a perfect replica of its famous garden, offering users an immersive experience in the world of fashion. Or even Nike, which made one of its latest releases also in this virtual environment.


Why did these companies choose to launch first in the metaverse?

The answer is relatively simple: Customer Experience! It is no longer surprising to the vast majority of people that the best way to convince someone to buy no longer goes through promotions or persuasion tactics.

Nowadays, to convince someone to buy your product or service, you need to first come up with a customer experience-focused plan that really impresses your audience and generates an incredible sense of belonging.

And if the purchasing power is online and thirsty for new experiences, it makes perfect sense to throw your beer into the metaverse, even though people won’t be able to taste it.


Intersection between two worlds

Very soon business will come across an inevitable reality, in which the physical world will come to life within the digital universe. Whether to sell experiences, consumption, or work, companies will have to create the means for their employees to perform their daily activities within the metaverse. They will also need to offer differentiated experiences for people to buy their products or services, but all this brings us to a new reality.


Actions to be taken to ensure a “virtual” tomorrow that we can all take advantage of.

Business leaders need to start thinking about new strategies today, exploring new potential products and services. They need to create training programs for their executives and employees: new technologies will be the foundation of their business.

A basic framework will have to include a very robust and well-organized Cloud, the reconstruction of your software and applications using cloud resources and APIs that can easily be used by third parties.


Training and Technologies

The next step for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders is to identify what technologies and professionals they will need to build their new reality.

The main areas of focus will be technologies for WEB3, Metaverse, and Blockchain. Companies will need talent in:

  • User Experience Design;
  • 3D modeling;
  • Game design;
  • Experienced developers on the platforms on which they want to work;
  • Blockchain;
  • Integrations between multiple partners;

And finally, the ideal partners to carry out the approach to the market or Go to Market.


The next version of the physical world

We are one step away from building a new reality, even if it is not clear all the potential and new technologies that will emerge. Even so, we already know some basic rules that need to be applied and many of them arise from software development.

Aspects such as Automation, Control, and Personalization will now be present in our day-to-day and in the world around us.


The contribution of 5G and IOT

The future in the programmable world is totally about experiences. Uniting IOT devices (internet of things) with the data processing that 5G will allow, we will undoubtedly have a future where hyper-personalization is the new queen of the digital world.

The internet of things is not something new, as the reader already knows. However, its development has accompanied other innovations. With the arrival of this digital universe, we will finally have the union between IoT and Digital Experience.


Augmented Reality

When we talk about metaverse experiences, Augmented Reality is an insurmountable subject. Today it is already possible to see objects in your room using the smartphone, as well as study and interact with these virtual objects. There are some projects in the Metaverse, such as Superworld and Spot Selfie, where Augmented Reality is already the protagonist.


The 5G and its impact on the Metaverse

With the evolution of the internet, we finally come to a historic moment: the speed of processing data in 5G.

That 5G will help in many ways is nothing new: we can see advances in the field of medicine thanks to this technology, which include simulations, data collection, and even surgeries supported by 5G. In the industry, the impact is also beginning to notice and is formidable.

With 5G, the metaverse receives a number of benefits. We will have the ability to unite all metaverses in one digital universe, for example. In the case of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the 5G also has a huge weight.


Quantum computing and the evolution of machines

A new class of machines is emerging and defies the laws known to mankind.

Hyper-advanced computers and supercomputers will undoubtedly change our history. The challenges faced by companies will be overcome very easily by these new machines that offer a processing power never seen before.


Cybersecurity and its role in the metaverse

I left the most important for the end, and yes, I put security as the most important! Not only for the obvious but also because it’s of no use to evolve into this new universe if it’s going to leave us vulnerable.


Are your customers protected?

As already mentioned, security is at risk from the moment we rely on third parties, and, taking this into account, your company should invest heavily in cybersecurity. The good part is that although the risk has increased a lot, the 5G and supercomputers will help us make everything safer.

Invest in security plans, in the process of building your tools, applications, and systems. Perform intrusion testing (Pentest) too often and never stop investing in the evolution of your systems. What works today may no longer work as well in six months, and that also applies to security.


Talk about digital transformation

Summarizing and concluding

The Metaverse has already come into our lives, it is at the beginning, but no doubt it is here to stay and is already a billion-dollar industry.

Your company cannot be left out of this new virtual world, and one thing I assure you: your competitors will not be.

Invest in qualified and able professionals to work with these new technologies or hire a partner who can give you all the support you need to build your office, your store, or even an amusement park in the Metaverse. The sky is the limit, as they say.

Be aware of the behavioral and consumption data generated by your tools and systems. With this information, you will have the means to create the perfect experience for your target audience.

The Metaverse is focused on immersive experiences, and without analytical data, you won’t know where to start.




Security + Security = satisfied customers

Invest in security to ensure that all the effort and investment were worth it. Your customers demand this and will only continue to relate to your business if they feel complete security.


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