Ensure your company's security and reduce costs by choosing MSS

The constant attacks on organizations around the world force companies to make quick and aggressive decisions when it comes to security.

Impacts and benefits

Risk Reduction

Made guarantees your company an efficient security operations center, thus reducing the internal and external risks to which your company is constantly exposed.

Cost Optimization

With a remote security operations center, your company not only becomes more efficient in security but also drastically reduces the costs involved in the process.

Reinforced security

With teams and artificial intelligence systems working around the clock on your company’s security, we have made room in your schedule to focus more on results.

Quick decision making

Our remote security services generate large volumes of data, and with the support of our analysts, this data is stored and made available in a real-time dashboard.


Cloud Management

We remotely protect all attributes of your Cloud services, thus ensuring security for all your users.

Vulnerability Scanning

With our security services using AI, we can perform vulnerability scanning on all your operating systems and applications.

Data Protection

We protect your data against Phishing attacks and other patterns used by cybercriminals, whether in the internal environment, Web, or applications.

Intrusion detection

Through controlled testing environments and monitoring of its systems, Made can detect potential intrusions and weak points that need further attention.

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