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Regardless of what your company model is, small, medium or large, data security and information confidentiality guarantees the success of the institution. The protection of this data is of paramount importance, as the leakage of confidential information can result in financial, customer and brand losses for your company.

Managing and handling data, with numerous accesses by employees and collaborators, who often still need remote access, can be a real challenge for the data security sectors.

frequent blows

The number of cyber scams is increasing, according to an EY study , just in the period of the pandemic attacks increased 300%, the number of hacker attacks suffered by companies reaches 13 thousand in a single month.

Attacks can occur in a number of ways. Therefore, betting on safe techniques and actions is always an excellent option. RAnsomware has been the most common form of attack, where cybercriminals steal and encrypt companies’ files, causing them to pay multimillion ransoms to recover information.

how to prevent

The surest way to avoid being a victim of hackers is to ensure the internal security of your network and applications, with thorough security reviews from an advanced technical point of view. This way you will be able to identify which tools, software, systems, websites, in your technology environment can be invaded by cybercriminals and in what way this can occur.

For this, there is the Intrusion Test (Pentest), which consists of simulations of cyber attacks, ensuring the identification of flaws and vulnerabilities that may compromise the security of data on a network, host or mobile application.

To reveal the vulnerabilities that can be found in any company, there are three types of Pentest Service:

  • White Box – Review of code and processes for team and application
  • Gray Box – (Gray Box) – Applications with privileged information
  • Caixa Preta – (Black Box) – Controlled test simulating a real attack on your company

MadeinWeb specializes in Pentest, with an exclusive team of Cyber Security experts, our role is to bring evidence about potential risks and consequences from exploiting a vulnerability, which could happen in real cases of cyber attacks.


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