We block attempts to capture your data.

More than one-third of Phishing attempts occur via Smartphones, and in companies, this is precisely the space they can least control.

Impacts and benefits

Protection for your customers

Your company has a legal responsibility to keep customers safe, but in an increasingly omnichannel world, the challenge is of enormous proportions. It is very important to run Phishing campaigns on all possible channels.

Protection for the company

The impact of stolen data in a phishing attack on large companies reaches millions of dollars in losses, and unfortunately, we hear more and more news about this every day. Yet few companies invest in this type of campaign.

Protection for your employees

Nowadays having an intranet and blocking access to various websites is no longer enough to protect your company and employees. Made helps you with the monitoring and management of managed corporate devices.

Ability to Innovate

Technological innovation for many companies is something put aside due to the complex structure and protection of data. With security services, your company can innovate without running internal and external risks.


Blocking attacks on browsers

We monitor and use filters to block attacks in real-time while browsing.

SMS Phishing

We defend your operation against SMS Phishing attacks. This is a modality increasingly chosen by cybercriminals.

Reporting and Discovery

We have created models that allow us to use artificial intelligence capabilities to find new Phishing formats.


We provide a dashboard so that you can follow in real-time how the protection of your company is being carried out.

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