What is RPA and how can this technology be the answer you need?

RPA uses software robots to automate repetitive and routine work. There are simple bots on the market, but MadeinWeb offers intelligent automation, bots that use artificial intelligence to gain insights.

Impacts and benefits

Direct and indirect cost reduction

Employees can be freed up to focus on more important projects by using software bots and a digital workforce to perform routine tasks.

Turbocharged productivity

With the RPA solution, the professionals in your company will have much more time to focus on strategy, leaving the repetitive tasks to our robots.

Achieve greater efficiency

RPA can help eliminate bias or inconsistency in work, reduce human error, and increase planning accuracy by becoming a service approach to business operations.

Supporting your digital transformation

By integrating RPA services into core business processes, you can enable enterprise-wide automation, gradually transforming your entire business into an Innovative, disruptive, digital one.


Automated Reporting

Smart bots can gather the necessary data from different systems and send automated reports to the parties that need them, collecting data for analysis later in the process.


Transform routine into automated processes, from simple web price surveys to more advanced internal and external analysis solutions. With RPA, numerous models are possible.

Document Processing

Use (OCR) technology for automated invoice processing to improve the accuracy and speed of reading a variety of data formats and entering data into databases to avoid errors and maintain security.

Customer Service Automation

Increase the speed of your customer service by using RPA bots to organize files, filter large amounts of data, identify patterns, and complete rule-based tasks.

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