We defend your company against internal/external threats

Security services have long been regarded as something superfluous within organizations, but the increase in intrusions has radically transformed this scenario.

Benefits of Security Services
for your business?

Protection for customers

Protect your most precious asset against attacks on their private data with the best security solutions.

Protect your employees

Keep your entire operation secure with the Security services provided by MadeinWeb.

Security as a process

The security of your company must be part of the administrative, operational, and financial processes.

24/7 monitoring

Made focuses on securing your business 24/7, so you can focus your energy and time on ensuring high productivity and throughput

Stay ahead of the competition by maintaining superior security.

We offer customized consultative services focused on simple, practical, and efficient solutions. We identify potential threats, devise the best solutions, and provide the best security services.

Our Security Services Solutions


To ensure greater data protection, we exploit loopholes and vulnerabilities to validate greater system security for your organization.
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Phishing Campaign

Stop phishing threats with our security tools, detecting fraud and malicious third-party practices.
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We think about the security of your company's projects from the beginning of its conception, allowing protection in all its stages.
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The constant attacks on organizations around the world force companies to make quick and aggressive decisions when it comes to security.
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Security Consulting

We are there not only to provide technology for your company's security but also to assist you with our expertise.
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What can we do
for your business?