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UI (User Interface) Design is an area that studies the way in which someone interacts or controls a software, app or device and this interaction can be done through elements that provide actions between the device and the user, such as buttons, menus and other commands that interact directly with the user.

In other words, the UI is the visible part of the design, the means by which the user interacts. It is the product’s graphical interface. However, at the same time, the UI is not limited to the visual part, as this modality defines, above all, how the interaction between the user and the environment will be done, being connected to UX Design .

UI Designers need to anticipate the user’s needs and ensure that the interface is simple to use and access, in addition to ensuring a good interaction experience, reducing any problems or frustration that the person may have with the product.

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How important is UI Design?

Users tend to notice the design of the app first, so UI Design also matters.

The design of a product is one of the most important parts of it. Good design defines the success of the business, as it is probably the first thing the customer will notice when purchasing the product.

In addition to the User Experience (UX Design), the User Interface is very important for the customer’s experience to be the best possible, after all, a good experience must come in the package along with a good interface.

What is the difference between UI Design and UX Design?

Both the UI and the UX are areas that lie within the graphic design, but while one focuses on the user experience, the other focuses on the user interface. These two modalities are becoming more and more essential in the creation of any product nowadays.

The UI Designer is responsible for designing the layout and interactive elements so that you can predict the possible states of the product (online and offline, for example) and how these two modes might work together.

The UX is more focused on the experience the user will have when interacting with the interface. UX Design, in turn, has more to do with the emotion that the individual will feel when using your product, be it a website, app, web system, among others.

Why are these areas so important to app users?

A good or bad user experience guarantees the success of your app. And for a good app, you need to pay attention to your UI Design

When thinking about the user experience, it needs to be positive in all aspects, from the look to the time they close the product. So, even if your business is not 100% digital, UX is essential for it.

A bad experience can be a decision point to close a deal or keep a customer, as he chooses the companies he talks about and seeks to ensure a smooth journey at all stages of the sales funnel.

A good user experience can help generate more leads and close more deals. Likewise, the opposite is also true.

Why use UI Design and UX Design together?

UI Design and UX Design complement each other, despite bringing satisfactory results separately.

Both UI Design and UX Design are very important for the success of a business. Companies are often unsure which of the two to prioritize. The answer is: both, because they complement each other and, in separate ways, can bring great results.

Among the main advantages of using both, the following stand out:

1. Generating more value to the target audience

A good digital product interface can overcome human interaction. Furthermore, generating knowledge and value for the user is very important. For that, you must know your persona and know how to use both UI Design and UX Design to leverage the product.

Generating value for the public is never enough, after all, a good product comes from a good experience. And if your customers like it, they’ll come back.

2. Strengthening the brand

Nowadays, with the internet and social media gaining traction, any disastrous experience can go viral in a few seconds. A good experience too. So, by providing a good journey for consumers, your brand can become stronger, and in these cases, the famous “word of mouth marketing” can be extremely useful.

3. Greater chances of user retention

Currently, with the large amount of information available in digital, it is very difficult to retain users. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the best experience for them. After all, how many times have you uninstalled an app or left a website because you didn’t like it?

Therefore, a good union of the interface with the design can be the key to the great retention of users who are fully satisfied with the product or service offered.

4. Increased conversions

Nothing is more important than a conversion. This is the aim of every digital strategy. With a good combination of the interface with the design, the conversion is certain.

Even after seeing positive results, you can continue to optimize efforts and achieve even greater goals on a regular basis.

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