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Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are already present in the daily lives of users and developers. With them, customers have a new look at projects and products, which demand even greater attention in the creation processes.

Among the main objectives of these types of reality is to bring customers closer to technological solutions. In addition to visiting exhibitions in other cities, why not bring the environment inside smartphones or virtual reality glasses? This is already possible.

However, there are differences between augmented reality and virtual interaction solutions. The first is directly linked to projections of elements in the real environment, while the second depends on certain equipment to visit the virtual world.

Want to learn more about the realities and benefits they can bring to your products? Stay with us and find out more about technologies.

Augmented reality is present in games and apps

What is augmented reality in practice?

Augmented reality is already part of the routine of users around the world. Smartphone games, for example, have become a worldwide craze for bringing familiar characters from the gaming world to the real environment where the player executes commands.

In this kind of reality, the user needs the camera of the cell phone or tablet to enjoy the augmented reality experience. In addition, technology depends on three other factors:

  • A real object or field, where the virtual element will interact;
  • An application that will read the captured image;
  • The device itself, which will return the signal and create the interaction.

Augmented reality is more present than ever in the user’s life. Who has never experienced the photo effects of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat? They are also part of augmented reality and the routine of those who use the apps .

Another augmented reality technology that is present in everyday life is QR Codes. In some places, such as tourist spots, visitors can scan the available code and discover complete information about a particular place or artistic pieces.

Virtual reality, in turn, depends on VR glasses or other technologies to be used

How does virtual reality work?

Virtual reality is made up of a simulated computer-generated environment. In this case, the real world we observe is replaced by a complete virtual environment. But how is this possible? Thanks to VR glasses, that is, virtual reality glasses.

The accessory allows the user to place the smartphone in front of their eyes, simulating that they are, in fact, in the scene. According to the technology, the user can move in the simulated reality with commands executed by the hands or in the head.

There are also helmets that provide the user with a complete experience within a virtual universe, but end up having a higher cost. In addition, on the market, there is the option to buy VR glasses with a headset to further amplify the captured reality.

As in augmented reality, virtual reality is already part of everyday business. Some electronic games are developed for technology, but it can also be used to experience real-life environments.

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Why develop projects for each reality for companies?

Technology has evolved at accelerating levels in recent years. Along with it are the transformations that users have gone through. Therefore, companies must think about how to present their projects and, together, offer the best customer experience .

With augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, companies are able to delight the user in a way never seen before. And the best part: they can be included in several sectors, including civil construction, automobile engineering, among others.

Imagine that a customer is looking for a property to rent or buy. The responsible builder can capture the complete environment of a decorated plant, convert it into a virtual project and make it available for customers to visit the site before purchasing.

It’s an innovative experience, isn’t it? Some companies that manufacture inks already invest in augmented reality to see how certain colors would look in certain environments.

High expectations for the market

In 2019, a survey carried out by the multinational financial group Goldman Sachs predicted that the market for immersion tools would have an estimated value of US$ 2.6 billion by 2025.

On the other hand, the scenario is even more promising in recent studies. According to a survey carried out by Snap and Deloitte Digital, investments related to the creation of augmented reality technologies will total US$ 72.8 billion in 2024.

According to the indexes, a promising trend for companies specializing in the development of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions can be seen.

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How to develop augmented reality and virtual reality technologies?

The immersion present in augmented reality and virtual reality projects adds greater value to users. But for the technology to achieve the right results, the responsible company must seek help from experts in the field.

In addition, companies need to find answers in the market beyond selling. Therefore, delighting the customer enters the list of essential items to retain him.

Each stage of the project must be developed with rich details and provide a complete experience, above all, immersive and unique. Know more!

1. Search for specialized companies

Projects developed with virtual reality and augmented reality can transform the way consumers see products. But, for that, it is necessary to develop solutions that bring an excellent experience, and specialized companies can help.

Companies that develop products with these realities have the structure and technical resources necessary to create great solutions. In addition, they have greater expertise to deal with possible obstacles and correct platform errors.

MadeinWeb has specialists in the development of projects with augmented reality and virtual reality. From several tests and studies, we create the best solutions for your company to provide innovative customer experiences. Check it out !

2. Conduct studies on the project objective

Along with the chosen technical team, it is important to understand what the project objective will be and how it will impact the user. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the development of in-depth studies and analyzes during product development to reach the best result.

The authoring step is the sweet spot for finding solution challenges and fixing them to deliver the best experiences. Furthermore, observing what the market has been doing is a way of looking for references in the creation of a virtual or augmented reality tool.

3. Track project results

Augmented reality and virtual reality projects need to be tracked and updated after launch. In this way, the tool can receive new features that bring greater customer interaction.

Monitoring the project also reduces the chances of errors related to the functioning and interaction with the platform. Therefore, companies need to invest in regular maintenance of the solution.

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