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Having a digital marketing strategy is essential for your company’s goals to be successfully achieved. This type of marketing is a set of activities focused on attracting new business, developing a brand identity and winning over customers. Understand!

We know that Digital Marketing is very comprehensive. In addition, human behavior is constantly changing, which makes the algorithms of Google and other platforms also change frequently to keep the public’s attention.

Good Digital Marketing strategies also need to keep up with these changes to extract the maximum potential from each action and, of course, reach the expected audience. Digital has been a reality for some time and companies that are not prepared for it will end up being left behind.

A well-known digital marketing strategy is Inbound Marketing. Others are:

  1. Marketing emails.
  2. Paid campaigns.

If you are ready to learn about the main strategies that cover this sector, check out our tips. Come on?

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What is digital marketing strategy?



The digital marketing strategy is nothing more than actions taken together to reach a certain target audience.


Digital marketing strategy is a set of actions to attract the target audience of a particular brand and turn it into conversions, that is, into customers who consume the products/services of that company.

These strategies also serve to develop a brand identity. Coca-Cola’s Christmas song, for example, is a very well thought-out marketing strategy that makes everyone think about the product just by listening to it. The same goes for the big yellow M with a red background, who did you think of? McDonalds!

Another way to use these actions is to retain customers who have already purchased, keeping them engaged with your brand. It’s how Netflix acts, for example, in its social networks. The way you interact with your users always attracts more customers to your streaming platform.

It seems like every business’s dream to have this kind of action, doesn’t it? Well, know that there are a multitude of ways to apply a digital marketing strategy for your company. Follow up!

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How to apply digital marketing strategy?

Do any Google search at any time. Most likely you will receive very satisfactory answers and a multitude of free content available at a click.

However, when doing a search, how many times did you get to the second or third page? Few, right?

Data shows that 75% of users do not go beyond the first page of search results. Therefore, among the digital marketing strategies are optimizations to attract the user organically, bringing relevant content in the first search results and increasing the engagement of your brand.

To achieve your marketing goals, we need to find ways to get there. Check out some digital marketing strategies to apply to your business!

Inbound Marketing



Inbound Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that attracts many customers


Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on attracting, converting and delighting customers. Remember the insistent advertisements that kept popping up on your screen? The public learned to dodge this type of ad and for that, Inbound Marketing emerged.

With this strategy, it is not your company that goes to the consumer, but the consumer that reaches your company. And how to do it? Through relevant content!

Let’s say your company sells hand creams. Therefore, content needs to focus on the pain of these people, such as: “you have dry hands, see what to do” or “5 tips to make your hands soft”.

These contents, when well optimized and with really relevant information, will attract the target audience to your company, where they will find solutions to their challenges, in this case, hand creams.

To make this connection with the target audience, Inbound Marketing uses three essential pillars: Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Strategies. Learn more about this digital marketing strategy!

1 – Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating stories, articles and other text materials with valuable and relevant information to attract, convert and delight an audience. They can be published on your company’s institutional website or in the blog area.

Each content needs to be previously studied to position your brand in the right place, at the right time of the purchase journey and offer solutions to the public.

That is, first of all, you need to research the keywords most searched for by your persona (of course, this persona also needs to be defined), understand what are the main doubts and difficulties that this audience faces in each part of the sales funnel so that the content is interesting.

This strategy , when well structured, takes leads to your company organically, that is, it attracts and converts without needing to invest.

2 – SEO

There’s no point in writing your content if it can’t be found in search engines, right? To get results organically, you need to optimize your materials. We do this through a technique called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO .

Currently, search engines expect to deliver the best results for the user experience. To do this, they use techniques to validate which sites offer the best content, experiences and performance to rank results. For this, the page needs:

  • Load quickly, as the user can give up the content if it takes too long to open;
  • Contain images;
  • Contain research data;
  • Offer easy and fluid reading;
  • Have a short and optimized URL;
  • Offer triggers such as contact buttons;
  • Have internal and external links;
  • Among other optimizations.

That is, in addition to writing for the user, you need to think about search engine techniques to take your content to the top positions.

There are several techniques you should apply to show search engines that your site can provide the best experience and thus improve your rankings. With this combination, you can attract more leads to your business.

3 – Social Networks

Another strategy within Inbound Marketing is the use of social media. It is a channel of communication, influence and dialogue that brings people closer to the brand in question.

Being where your audience is has become indispensable: whether to promote promotions and content or to be another service channel, where people feel comfortable to ask questions or leave suggestions.

However, it is a double-edged sword. It can generate a lot of engagement for your business, but a wrong positioning can trivialize you. Therefore, a strategy must be thought out carefully.

Focus on your persona , which channels they use the most, what are their favorite subjects, what is the most appropriate language and, of course, which images, videos and texts they would like to read. With these well-defined points, it becomes easier to develop your strategy.

E-mail marketing



Email Marketing is another digital marketing strategy that attracts the target audience


After Inbound Marketing, it’s time to learn about another digital marketing strategy that also makes all the difference when it comes to attracting, converting and engaging your audience.

E-mail Marketing is the process of sending messages for commercial purposes to a group of contacts. The content of the messages can be merely informative, but also serve as sales, engagement and brand strengthening actions and communication for customers and potential customers.

3 types of paid campaigns

Organic results are excellent in the long run, however, for a faster result when acquiring qualified leads, you can count on sponsored campaigns . Ads can be:

1 – Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click is the purchase of media that are charged according to the number of clicks received by your ad. The most common type of PPC are search engine ads, those links that appear as an “ad” in the top results.

2 – Display Ads

You know when you enter a website and banners appear at the top or on the side with an ad for that outfit you searched for a few minutes ago? These are Display Ads, image and text ads to attract the user.

3 – Ads on social networks

In addition to appearing on websites and search engines, ads can also appear on social media.

All these ads are optimized according to your preferences, interests, visit profiles and websites you browse.

Does your business need digital marketing?

The internet has a volume of reach and opens up a range of possibilities for your business. Therefore, it is not possible to ignore how important this tool is and needs to be explored to the fullest.

The production of quality content, whether on blogs or on social media, is extremely important to reach potential customers organically. Sponsored links and ads help you generate faster results and attract qualified leads based on targeting. In this last example, it is necessary to invest a value.

The combination of all these digital marketing strategies can help you optimize and leverage your company’s results. Take the opportunity to apply this knowledge in your digital product and prove it.

For this, count on who is an expert in b2b digital marketing agencies. MadeinWeb has professionals specializing in Digital Marketing. We transform your challenge into our challenge and seek the best solutions within 360° Digital Marketing. Get in touch and talk about your case, we will be happy to help.

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