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App Store Optimization (ASO), or in-app store optimization, is the set of strategies by which you can ensure your app has more visibility. This is advantageous as visibility is highly related to the placement of the App in the ranking of categories and searches within the store. Consequently, the better this placement, the greater your chances of increasing downloads.

Both the App Store and Google Play are app stores, and both have some criteria you should follow when your goal is to have a more visible App. So, read on and learn all about App Store Optimization!

What is App Store Optimization?

If you’ve never heard of the term ASO (App Store Optimization), now you’ll know that the concept may sound very familiar when we associate it with its similar one regarding good practices in website creation and management: Search Engine Optimization, which we know also with the SEO name.

This relationship makes perfect sense, after all, the purpose of SEO is to make your site easier to find by search engines — such as Google — and appear first in SERPs, that is, in rankings in search results .

The ASO’s idea is the same: prepare your App to appear prominently in the rankings of the app stores and then capture the attention of users among so many other options from different categories.

What are the benefits of App Store Optimization for your app?

Applying the ASO is critical to delivering an application to the right users at the right time. See the main advantages of this strategy for companies below:

Improves visibility in app stores

“Unseen is not remembered”: This phrase can also be used for Apps in app stores, as if the user searches for a specific app but doesn’t find it easily, he won’t feel bad about choosing another option.

With the ASO, you can combine best practices so that the right audience finds the app at the right time, such as the most relevant keywords for a segment, that is, those that users in that niche type into the search field.

Proper settings also allow you to find your app globally. Have you ever thought about being able to count on the target audience in the world market? The Internet has no borders and this is a possibility to make your application grow globally.

Increases the volume of organic downloads

A good ASO strategy increases the reach of downloads because users can find your app through related keywords.

Strategies aimed at the organic acquisition of customers are more advantageous, because users do not give up using the solution, on the contrary, they increase engagement and increasingly see the importance of keeping that App in their desktop.

Increases conversion rates

With satisfied users and engaging more and more, loyalty is much easier. Over time, the company becomes a reference in the niche in which it operates and the customer will always resort to its application before seeking solutions in other channels and with other companies.

Furthermore, there are several ways to monetize and market your App. You can include third-party ads and increase the volume of offers, or even create a referral-reward tactic to further encourage downloads.


App Store Optimization


Determining factors in your App’s ranking

There are factors that are determinant in the ranking of your App according to the Apple and Play Store algorithm. ASO optimizations are focused on precisely these factors. Find out what they are and how you can apply them to increase app downloads:

Application Name

Your app name has a maximum number of characters. You must know how to make the best use of it. This mainly means entering the strongest keywords.

Application description

Depending on the store, there may be more than one description type. In general, what matters is to make the most of the available space to explain its functionality clearly. Remember to use your keywords.

This is essential to improve your app ranking and ensure the best success of your App Store Optimization.


Again, you should take advantage of the maximum number of screenshots available. It is important that in the first three captures are the main and most attractive features of the application. You must remember that images must have an attractive aesthetic. In the case of apps on the App Store, Apple’s platform, the ideal is for you to make screenshots of iPhone and iPad available.

Video presentation

Many developers have not yet incorporated this advantage into their App Store Optimization strategy when setting up the app store and may be missing out on many download opportunities as a result.

It is necessary for the video to demonstrate what your App does, as this arouses the interest of many users. As in the case of screenshots, in the Apple 3 store, you must make videos available for both iPhone and iPad.


Your App icon needs to be flashy and without too much detail. Avoid texts. One of the strategies used in ASO that might be interesting for you is to do an A/B or even A/B/C test between different icon layouts. This will help you understand which one does better in the store, that is, which one generates more clicks and downloads.

Application Size

The maximum size that an application can be for the public to be able to download it with only cellular data is 150 MB. So it’s good that you don’t go over this limit or it can mess up your downloads.

If you want to know more about all the App Store Optimization processes, please contact us and talk to one of our experts. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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