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UX Design is a methodology responsible for understanding, designing and testing a product or service. The term design is not only related to the visual appearance of the business, as this strategy deals directly with emotion, as it is a part of design that thinks solely about the user’s relationship with the product or service you offer.

the term UX, present in UX Design, means User Experience, in free translation: user experience. When it comes to apps, what’s most important to you: does it work well? Look good? Or is it all more to UX?

Generally, at the beginning of any project, ideas fly by. The developer is in doubt as to which way to go, what to take into account, what the layout will be, among other things. With that, the user experience is an item that ends up being in the background. However, it should be the first point to consider.


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What is UX Design about?

More than a beautiful interface, the user must be enchanted by your product or service, after all, his experience must be great, and it is essential that he recommend your company to other people and want to become a loyal customer.

Be honest: do you think your customer has a good experience with your product or business?

If you’re not entirely sure if the answer to this question is yes, then read on and find out why you need UX Design to be part of your business.

What are the goals of UX Design?

The goal of UX Design is to provide the best possible experience for the user, making it natural, simple and aggregating. The famous “user-friendly”!

This methodology must be taken into account before, during and after placing a product or service on the market. Basically, we map the ideas, create sketches, decide the best solution, create a prototype to validate the functionality, and then test it with users to see if their experience will be positive or negative.

This cycle repeats itself whenever necessary, as the world is constantly evolving, and your business needs to be as well. Therefore, we follow market trends and always seek to present the best solutions so that the UX of your business is as improved as possible.

It is a process that takes time, but the certainty that your product will work in the market and that the audience will be satisfied with it makes up for the time it takes to study to find the best UX Design strategy for your business.

How important is UX?

According to an NN/g survey, from 1983 to 2017 the UX profession grew from 1,000 to about 1 million professionals. Going forward, from 2017 to 2050, the UX profession is forecast to grow from 1 million to around 100 million people.

According to a survey conducted by Salesforce , 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

Also according to Salesforce, 62% of customers say they share their bad experiences with each other.

In other words: migrating to UX is an increasingly interesting path for your final product to meet the needs of users.


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UX Design is based on the usefulness of the product, its ease of use and how pleasant it is for those who will use it


How does UX Design work?

When installing an app, for example, if you don’t like the experience it gives you, you will uninstall it, right? According to AppsFlyer, Brazil has one of the highest app uninstall rates in the world.

UX Design is in the details, which make all the difference for the user. The instant the user opens the application, he is already integrated into the experience of experiencing it. So looking at the dynamics of how the app responds to commands, its response time, and even the color palette is essential.

UX Design is based on 3 pillars:

See below how to build a quality UX Design.

1. Be useful

How useful is your product to the user? Why choose yours among so many others on the market?

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Because UX is responsible for making his experience amazing. Thus, your product will stand out “washed”.

2. Be easy to use

How easy and fast is it to use your product? Will the user be able to solve what is needed using him and not other available alternatives?

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With a properly planned UX, it is more common for users to stick to your brand and/or product.

3. Pleasure the user

How enjoyable (fun, interesting, or rewarding) is it to use your solution and not market alternatives?

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You have to be the best. What’s the point of having several alternatives on the market if none of them offers a good experience?

When does UX Design NOT get a good reception?

The interesting thing about starting here is that you can demystify some issues. For example, the fact that you have a project (applications, for example) that is visually pleasing doesn’t guarantee that it will meet your customer’s demand, right?

Not quite. What you need to look out for in this case is that your app is working in such a way that the user connects to it in some way.

Finally, when you apply UX correctly, the result can be daunting (in a good way). After all this construction step, and you are already aware of the focus to achieve your goals, it is time to take action.

First, put yourself in the user’s shoes, and ask yourself what they most want in an app and what they need. We already know that it’s not just something attractive, but something that delights you and leaves you attached to your application.


person improving their UX Design

Reviewing the codes and being cautious with the language used are ways to keep UX Design constantly at the fore

Ways to keep your UX high

Crashing screens are a problem that few people support. There are cases where the cell phone cannot support the app, but here we are talking about a supposed bad function in programming, so be careful with the language used and review all codes constantly.

Constantly monitoring how your UX is performing within the app is a great idea. Thus, you can more effectively monitor how the user feels with your application, as a constant good experience and not just in the initial moment is essential.

The user is your focus. It’s really cool to develop, but nothing is more important than your end customer. So take into account the reviews made in the app stores: that’s a reflection of your app’s performance, and when the rating is too low, many people give up on it before they even download it.

In conclusion…

UX Design is a set of actions and strategies that must be taken into account for your product to be amazing. From web design, product design and experience design, UX is the best chance to boost your product and get loyal and satisfied customers.

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